Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Kamil Idris and Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela personally supported and endorsed Kamil Idris' theory for the United Nations System and how it should be. It was he who enthusiastically and strongly made the introduction of Kamil Idris' Book: A Better United Nations for the New Millennium. The book gave rise to intensive and extensive domestic and global debate and is being taught at various prestigious universities and research centers. When a book is introduced by a celebrity like Nelson Mandela, who rarely makes such a commitment, it simply means that the work is serious and has an important impact.

Kamil Idris' book entitled Intellectual Property a Power Tool for Economic Growth is a reference book and is being taught at various prestigious universities and academic institutions. The critical importance of this publication is that it establishes a brilliant and totally new theory using the Intellectual Property System as s tool for economic growth and wealth creation. Intellectual property has been transformed from a dormant area of law and business to one of the driving engines of a high-technology economy. The book is being used on daily basis by practitioners, researchers, policy makers and academics. It was translated into all working languages of the United Nations and other local languages of different nations. A reference of the book can be traced on the Internet.

Kamil Idris' book entitled The Intellectual Property- Conscious Nation: Mapping the Path from Developing to Developed is another masterpiece establishing a road map on how the Intellectual Property System can be used to accelerate economic growth. The theory gives the empirical tools for developing countries to graduate from developing to developed economy market countries. The book was translated into various languages, in particular Japanese. Researchers and inventors are using this publication on daily basis to intelligently and effectively promote and upgrade their works.

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